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All-Access VIP: Virtual VIP Booking Service for Adult Nightclubs

Why do stripclubs struggle with party bookings? Discover how a new service is increasing VIP and bottle service reservations and profits for many stripclubs.

Do you manage or own a stripclub? If so, how are your bottle service sales doing lately? Do you wish your bachelor party bookings could be doing a little better? Speaking of party bookings, how efficient is your staff in handling customer inquiries following-through? These should be huge concerns for all stripclub owners. The value of these services is immeasurable. Today’s discussion talks about how a new virtual service that can improve your club’s profitability. Here's my exclusive podcast interview with Mike Kilgore, founder and CEO of All-Access VIP:




If you own or manage an adult nightclub, it’s likely that your bottle service and bachelor party bookings could use improvement. After all, who wouldn’t want this? With bottles selling in excess of $200, this is the highest-profit liquor you can sell. Bachelor parties and large gatherings are a veritable gold mine for club owners. Beyond the profit they represent, party bookings are likely to introduce new customers to your club. I think we can all agree about the value. The only problem is, how does one go about bolstering party bookings? First things first. I have two questions –

·   How do you connect with customer inquiries for parties? Better yet, whose at your club before noon to answer the phone?

·   What’s your protocol for closing the sale?

·   How many potential customers will be diligent about calling repeatedly? The fact is, not many.

One day recently, while waiting for a client to arrive for our appointment, I had the opportunity to overhear a live telephone conversation between a floor host and a party interested in booking a special event. It was about 11 AM when the call came in. The floor host proceeded to spend at least 10 minutes with the customer. The host was engaging and built rapport – all positive signs. I’m not aware of the follow-up, assuming there was one, but what stuck with me was that this was the only time I’d ever seen this in 10 years. At that very moment, I realized that many, if not most, gentlemen’s clubs have a void when it comes to bookings, because not only do many not have well-trained in-house sales people – they don’t have any structured sales program. So what happens when a potential customer calls between 8 – 5 or when he / she fills-out a form on a club’s website? In other words, what’s the protocol for follow-up?


All-Access VIP: Virtual VIP Hosting Service for STRIPclubs

Two years ago, Mike Kilgore had an idea that was born from his days when he was a travel agent in South Florida booking golf vacations. Asall-access-bachelor-party-ad we all know, no golf vacation is complete without a night or two at a local stripclub. Mike’s clients customarily contacted the stripclubs directly to book their evening agendas. However, after experiencing much frustration with the subject bookings, his clients asked him to act as their concierge. Mike quickly discovered a huge disconnect among the many clubs he was attempting to contact. The problem, he figured, must be in the clubs’ communication cycle. It’s frustrating when the majority of one’s effort is spent on the smallest detail of a vacation booking. Curious about the difficulty he’d consistently experienced, Mike proceeded to conduct a marketing study of all the gentlemen’s clubs in the region. After filling-out hundreds of online forms and hundreds of phone calls during mainstream working hours, Mike realized that nearly 90% of clubs are missing potential business connections. Could this be true? It may be appalling, but it certainly makes sense. After all, how many adult nightclubs have on-premise professional sales people? What Mike realized was a cottage industry in the making – an outside service that could fill the gap between customer and club. Using good old yankee ingenuity, Mike recognized the need the industry presented, which lead to the creation his company, All-Access VIP. Originally built to serve South Florida, Kilgore is now expanding his customer base throughout the U.S.

How All-Access VIP Works and How It Benefits STRIPclub Owners

All-Access VIP has a very simple, yet effective business model. Kilgore delivers customers to gentlemen’s clubs for $5 per customer – the same tip most clubs give cab drivers for the same service. But let’s face it folks, the people the cab driver delivers were going to come to the given club anyway. A well-trained chimpanzee could do that! Magnitudes better than the service cab drivers provide for $5 (or magnitudes higher in Vegas), All-Access also includes professional marketing! Here’s what All-Access VIP will do for your club:

·    Answer all inbound calls and book all group inquiries and VIP bottle service.

·    Follow-up the night before.

·    Follow-up the day of the activity.

·    Follow-up the day after the activity.

In other words, All-Access VIP remains constantly in-the-loop. This is the same level of customer service Kilgore delivered when booking golf vacations. In his words, All-Access delivers service with a personal touch! You can probably imagine that once All-Access books a group for your club, they’re likely to return.

How The All-Access VIP Service Works

1.  Typically, clubs have two methods of interacting with potential group and bottle service customers and All-Access covers both:

·   A contact form is posted to the club’s website. When it’s submitted, one copy is emailed to All-Access VIP and the other to the club.

·   Phone calls are diverted to All-Access by way of a standard menu prompt on the club’s phone system, i.e., “Press 1 for bottleservice, bachelor parties and birthday parties.” The phone system automatically connects prospects on line 1 to All-Access. Club owners and GM’s decide how to structure the outgoing message. All-Access answers the phone as “VIP Sales,” etc.

2.  All-Access is paid their fee at the time the sale is booked. For example, when a party of six that books bottle service for $250, the customer would be charged $30 (on his / her credit card) at the time of the booking and the balance would be collected by the club at the time of arrival.

3.  All-Access creates a profile for each club in order to develop a thorough understanding of each respective operation, which enables them to knowledgeably and effectively sell each club’s services:

·    Type of club  -- bikini, full nude, full liquor, beer & wine, etc..

·    The quantity of VIP booths and their seating capacity.

·    How many people get in free, receive free appetizers, etc.

The Benefits of All-Access VIP Service

As Kilgore says, “All-Access brings great value to the club’s table!” Here are the benefits the club receives:

·    Professionally-trained sales staff.

·    Sales are increased from within the club.

·    Increased bottle service and VIP service.

·    Increased customer service and satisfaction.

Where can you get a better deal than this – a built-in, professional sales force that's going to boos your business for $5 per customer?!

If you want to discuss the All-Access VIP service, please call Mike Kilgore at (727) 420-1377.

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