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Easy Ice: Ice Machine Subscriptions for Bars and Nightclubs

What is an ice machine subscription? Welcome to Easy Ice, a service that provides cleaning, repairs, guarantees emergency ice and frees-up operating capital!

Welcome back to Design Buzz! If you're a bar, nightclub or restaurant owner, have you ever considered the inordinate effort and expense related to maintaining your ice machine? Today, a service known as ice machine subscriptions can eliminate this chore, while freeing-up operating capital. I also had the pleasure of interviewing John Mahlmeister, CMO and Co-founder of Easy Ice.

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Why Ice Machines Have Surpassed Dishwashers as the Greatest On-Premise Problem in the Foodservice Industry

It may not come as any surprise to many of you, but results from a recent industry survey among foodservice managers revealed that ice machines have replaced dishwashers as the most frustrating piece of kitchen equipment. In fact, 57.1 percent of participants stated that ice machines cause the greatest problems for their facility, far surpassing the 3.9 percent of respondents who listed the dishwasher. Five years ago dishwashers were at the top of the list, but service providers such as Ecolab and Autochlor have changed how dishwashing equipment is provided, maintained and repaired. In other words, a new business model was born.

The above-mentioned survey and also discovered the following:

·     More than 75 percent of respondents cited frequent machine breakdowns and low ice production.

·     Half of respondents made between two to five calls when their ice machines malfunctioned.

·     More than half responded that machine repairs took from two to seven days to complete.

·     About 80 percent of participants stated that they spent up to $400 per machine repair.

·     An overwhelming percentage of responders stated that Hoshizaki ice machines as their brand preference.

With commercial ice machines being so problematic -- and so difficult to maintain (see 'Downloadable' below), one has to wonder why anyone would want to own one. A new company, known as Easy Ice, has the answer.

pdfThe 22 Steps to Cleaning an Ice Machine


Easy Ice: Ice Machine Subscriptions, Rentals for Bars & Nightclubs

Recognizing the need for a large-scale, reliable solution for those in the foodservice sector, Easy Ice innovated the concept of Hoshizaki IM 500SAA B7005 ice machine subscriptions. Headquartered in Marquette, MI, Easy Ice is the first and only national provider of ice subscriptions, supplying ice machines to every industry in 43 states. Through its 24-hour call center, open 365 days a year, Easy Ice customers are serviced in real time. Through a partnership with Reddy Ice, the largest packaged ice supplier in North America, Easy Ice is able to provide experienced service technicians and emergency ice within three to six hours.

How the Easy Ice Machine Subscription Program Works

Easy Ice recognized that ownership of commercial ice machines is a losing proposition for those who depend on ice machines and dispensers. Beyond the ongoing headaches of repairing, maintaining and cleaning, ice machines are a significant capital investment that doesn’t offer a return. Understanding that reliable ice production is the end-goal of every commercial ice machine owner, Easy Ice developed the subscription as the hassle-free method of delivering it. With an Easy Ice subscription, every customer receives a Hoshizaki commercial ice machine – the best in the industry – and Easy Ice assumes the risk and expense of repairs, service, parts, maintenance, cleanings, water filters AND emergency ice! Being a national company with exceptional buying power, Easy Ice is so confident in their preventive maintenance service and repair technicians that they will give their customers free breakdown ice if the machine is broken and can’t be repaired quickly! Here’s what’s included in the ice subscription:

  • Guaranteed ice – 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Energy and water efficient Hoshizaki commercial ice machines, ice bins and dispensers.

  • All repairs and maintenance by expert technicians.

  • U.S.-based Customer Support Center, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • No risk, no long-term contract for qualified customers.

  • Free standard water filter replacements and ice machine cleanings (2 per year).

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The Easy Ice Machine Subscription Will Save You Money

With an Easy Ice subscription, you’ll be able to free-up significant operating capital that can help produce measurable growth for your business. By eliminating the hassle of managing equipment, a study by Easy Ice customers suggests that you can save 5-10 hours per year. Beyond this, the following analysis by Easy Ice suggests that, with their subscription, you’ll save an extra $1,000 over the next 10 years.

No matter how you calculate it, the peace of mind that comes with an Easy Ice subscription will enable everyone to focus their time and resources on issues more critical to their business, especially my friends in the bar and nightclub industry. I recommend that my clients give strong consideration to Easy Ice as their ice solution.

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