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Hunter Douglas Linear Metal Ceilings in Nightclub Design

There are numerous products to consider when remodeling a nightclub or stripclub. Flooring products, wall coverings, ceiling products, the number of furnishings can be overwhelming.

Then you have your budget to consider. Many issues need to be addressed, to be certain and you haven’t even given a thought about how to fit them all into a logical design. If you are considering remodeling your nightclub, it’s time to call a design professional, one who has dealt with numerous people in your situation. 

Advantages of Hunter Douglas Linear Metal Products in Nightclub Design

Hunter Douglas is a company long-known for high-value products. The division of the company that specializes in architecturalHunter Douglas Linear Metal Ceiling specialty products is called Hunter Douglas Contract (@HDContract). HD Contract has a load of products you should consider. I covered the HD open cell ceiling, one of my favorite products, in another post (refer below). This edition of Design Buzz discusses another of HD Contract’s line of architectural products – their linear metal ceiling. An efficient, cleverly-designed product that delivers a solid punch, with all of the features many of us design professionals have come to love about Hunter Douglas products, such as:

  • Loads of design features

  • Light weight

  • Ease of installation

  • Appealing aesthetic finish

  • Economical

  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified

  • Class A Fire-Rated

The linear metal ceiling by Hunter Douglas Contract meets all of my criteria of a favorite product, including the most elusive quality of them all – "WOW-factor"! You’d be hard-pressed to find many products that meet the above criteria. I’ve been using this product for nearly 10 years and never hesitate to specify it when presented the opportunity.



Where to Use the Hunter Douglas Linear Metal System in Nightclubs?

I particularly like using the HD linear metal system in smaller areas where it can really accentuate a design. In nightclub design, I don’t think this is an effective product to use to cover large ceilings in open areas, such as a showroom in a gentlemen’s club or in a dance club. This product is not acoustic in nature and would therefore be defeating to use in this situation. I particularly like it in hallways, VIP rooms and stairways (such as the photo above, right), accented by mahogany architectural lightboxes, and can be seen in-person at my great friends at Industrial Strip (@industrialstrip) in Hammond, IN.


Design and Installation Tips for the Hunter Douglas Linear Metal System

Here are a few ideas and tips to consider when designing with the HD linear metal ceilings –

Photo of Hunter Douglas Linear Metal Setup

  • HD offers two linear metal systems – the ‘84R and the ‘84G’. The specific system which I prefer is the ‘84R’. Each system utilizes finished panels (described below), separated by recessed areas. The primary difference is the manner in which the recessed areas are trimmed.

    • The ‘84R utilizes a separate trim which the designer specifies; in the photo at the top, I selected black recessed hardware.

    • The ‘84G’ automatically fills the recesses with hardware that matches that of the primary panels.

  • The hardware costs approximately $25 per sq.ft. ($269 per m2).

  • The system consists of 3” (76mm) wide metal finishing panels, recessed closure panels and a series of carriers. The carriers, which enable the finish panels to be snapped in-place, are fastened in a periodic fashion to a sub-structure that is built in the field as shown in the photo above, right. The sub-structure serves the function of enabling the metal slats to be installed while creating a safe clearance from conduit and other miscellaneous rough building hardware.

  • The panels can be straight, as featured in the photo at top, or curved. The curved slats are available in fixed radii of 12 ¾” (324mm) and 28” (711mm) or any radius of 48” (1219mm) or more.

  • The panels contain from 70% - 95% recycled material.

  • A great feature of this system is its adaptability to lighting and sprinklers while maintaining accessibility to underlying rough mechanicals.

  • The panels are available in four solid interior colors, five laminated wood veneer finishes and five simulated wood finishes; custom colors are available.

  • The panels are also available with three perforation patterns, which are intended for enhanced acoustic performance; while I don’t recommend this product for large areas where music is playing, the perforations are a nice architectural feature in the areas with which I feel comfortable applying it.


pdfHunter Douglas Linear Metal Ceiling Systems Brochure

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