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Productive Bar Design: Easybar Liquor Systems for Maximum Profits

What is EasyBar liquor systems and are they reliable? Today we'll discuss how EasyBar systems operate and how they can impact pour cost and your bar's profits.

If you’re a bar or nightclub owner, do you know your pour cost? Do you understand the incredible impact your pour cost has to your business? Some owners who attend Jon Taffer’s world-famous annual Nightclub & Bar Show, may understand the definition of the term ‘pour cost,’ but I bet that most owners have little specific knowledge or how to control it. Lack of pour cost information not only dilutes profits, but can also cause a bar and nightclub owner to lose tens of thousands of dollars in a state audit! However, if you’re one of the savvy owners who’ve invested in an Easybar system, you have routine command of this information. Easybar is a liquor control system that accounts for every ounce of alcohol you own and sell. In this edition of Design Buzz, discover why Easybar is the liquor control system specified by bar design professionals to maximize owners’ profits




What is ‘Pour Cost’ and How Can It Be Controlled?

Pour cost is one of the most important terms you’ll ever need to understand to own and operate a successful nightclub or bar. Pour cost (PC) is defined the actual cost of pouring a drink, and is the aggregate cost of all alcohol and mix, but there is a little more to it. In the traditional sense, PC also includes the amount of spillage and pilferage, which is called the adjusted PC. Not fully understanding your adjusted PC can put you in a perilous situation if you are ever audited by the state.

From the perspective of most state audits, they review the following:

·    Your alcohol purchases

·    Drink recipes

·    Pour sizes

·    Current prices

After factoring for waste, they calculate the revenue you should have reported based on the inventory you purchased*, not on the adjusted amount. As you can see, the concept of pour cost is complicated. There is a simple, effective solution available to nightclub and bar owners to be in full control of their PC: the Easybar liquor control system. With an Easybar system, alcohol, wine and beer are dispensed by a sophisticated, yet easy-to-operate system that pours drinks to within 1/32 of an ounce! Easybar is capable of accounting for every ounce of alcohol, wine and beer in your system and calculates the PC of every drink and keeps track of your inventory, so you have total control of your actual PC. Owning an Easybar system makes any state audit a virtual “walk-in-the-park!” Better yet, Easybar eliminates “silent partners.” Easybar systems are used worldwide in many venues, including nightclubs, bars and casinos.

The Benefits of Owning an Easybar Liquor Control System

As I mentioned earlier, with an Easybar system each drink is poured within 1/32 of an ounce! ThisEasybar Pour Report includes each ingredient of a drink as complicated as a Long Island Ice Tea (which includes five different liquors) can be dispensed by the simple press of the button. Consider the many benefits of an Easybar system:  

·   Dispenses drinks faster and more accurately than free-pouring.

·   Drinks are poured consistently.

·   Increases bartender speed.

·  Eliminates “silent partners” because every drink made is automatically entered into the POS, which is also reported to the office computer and cannot be backed-out of the system.

·   Accounts for every drop of liquor, wine and beer in your system.

·  Provides you with PC reports on-the-fly, such as the sample report shown above, right, a larger image of which can be downloaded below.

"Drink consistency is of the utmost importance for a successful bar."

-Jon Taffer



Consider the following:

·    If you are free-pouring, you are losing untold sums. By over-pouring by a mere 1/8 of an ounce (the thickness of the pour line on a shot glass) and you sell 12 liters of alcohol a day and charging $3.50 for a drink, you are losing $50,000 a year!

·    If your bartenders are “free pouring,” you are losing even more!

With an Easybar liquor control system, you can maximize profits and be in total control of your bar or nightclub!


pdfEasybar Sample Pour Report




Easybar Offers a Full Array of Bar Automation Products

Easybar systems are the best – nothing else on the market even comes close! With Easybar’s innovative products andPhoto of Easybar Freepour System technology, owners of Easybar systems enjoy flawless and consistent delivery of all drinks. Easybar realizes that different venues have different needs, and for this reason has developed several types of liquor dispensing systems which can be configured as standalone components or as part of a total integrated system:

·   CLCS II Computerized Beverage Dispensing Gun System, or “Gun System” for short, shown in the photo above, right:

o  The anchor of the Easybar product line, capable of dispensing up to 40 brands of liquor.

o   Each bartender station is equipped with a gun station, which normally includes up to two guns, each programmed to handle up to 20 brands and 20 cocktails of up to five ingredients each.

o   Each brand and cocktail has up to three pour sizes.

·    Freepour System, shown above rightPhoto of Easybar Gun Dispensing Station:

o   Preserves the look and feel of free pour.

o   Each drink is poured in any of four sizes.

o   Pouring is controlled via radio frequency (RF) when the bottle is returned to its upright position.

o   The POS rings-up on the current customer’s tab or opens a new one.

o   Every ounce poured is reported to the Easybar software.

·    Self-Service Cocktail System, or “Tower” for short, shown in thePhoto of Easybar Self Service Cocktail Station photo at right:

o  Enables any server to mix a drink without a bartender present, via an onboard POS which displays a full drink menu for the server through a series of screen prompts.


o  1,000 cocktail recipes at the push of a button!

o  Virtually any drink can be made with a combination of 64 brands combined with 12 juices or sodas.

o   Pour single shots or recipes of up to five ingredients.

o   Can be implemented at any service station or at the waitress station of any bar.

·    Draft Beer Control System (shown in the photo at right)Photo of Easydraft Metering System by Easybar

o   Controls can be added to an existing system.

o  Any number of brands can be controlled by Easybar CLCS II electronics.

o   Each pour is counted via radio frequency (RF) metering and dispensing information is integrated into the Easybar metering software and your POS reporting system.

o   Each brand is assigned 3 pour sizes.


pdfEasybar Gun System Cut Sheet

pdfEasybar Combopour Cut Sheet

pdfEasybar Self-Service Cocktail Station Cut Sheet

pdfEasybar Draft Beer Control System Cut Sheet

By combining the above equipment, an Easybar system you can be custom-designed for your bar, nightclub or sportsbar that will accommodate more than 128 brands by combining towers and dispensing guns!


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