The 2018 Guide for Successful Bar Design and Profitable Operations

The guide, created in blog format, is an assembly of the most-highly viewed articles by its readers. Inside the Guide, you'll find information about lighting, furnishings, equipmentergonomic bar design, products and services for the bar and nightclub industry.

The following posts are a singular resource of our Top 10 articles for owners and managers of bars and nightclubs, and deal with various facets of design, industry services and operations:

Ergonomic Bar Design for Maximum Bartender Efficiency and Profits

How To Design Commercial Bars for ADA

How To Size a Walk-In Cooler for a Draft Beer System

Bar Equipment Prices: How Much Does it Really Cost to Build a Bar?

Productive Bar Design: AccuBar vs BevInco Inventory Management

How Much Does Professional Bar Design Cost?

Top 7 List Of Commercial Bar Finishing Ideas

Top 5 Lighting Ideas and Tips for Bar and Nightclub Design

Top 5 Design Ideas about Purchasing Nightclub and Bar Furniture

How to Redesign a Commercial Bar


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