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Restaurant Bar Design

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If you’re planning a restaurant bar and searching for guidelines, we’ve developed a YouTube series just for you! As a matter of fact, this video series also applies to hotels. No matter the venue, restaurants and hotels share the same problem – how much space should be allocated to maximize profitability and occupancy? When properly planned, bars can contribute significantly to the bottom line of every operation. The challenge is how to optimize the size, shape and location of a given bar, while maximizing the return on investment and meeting compliance standards such as ADA. The following videos address all of these issues:

1. How to design a restaurant bar concept.

2. How to plan clearances for commercial bar design.

3. What are the standard bar dimensions?

4. Guidelines for restaurant chair and tables.

5. How to design a bar for area and occupancy.

6. Design ideas for commercial bar planning.

7. Top 7 problems with bar plans and layouts.

8. How to calculate IBC occupancy load for bars.

9. How to design a bar for restaurants and hotels.

10. Bar design and bar dimensions for ADA.

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