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Gentlemen's Club Design Ideas In Action: A New Champagne Room

Cheerleaders Philadelphia is the proud new owner of one of Cabaret Design Group's proudest nightclub design efforts: a lavish new Champagne Room. Working closely with owner John Meehan, we have helped position him and his club to have one of the finest rooms of its type in the country. According to CDG president, Rick Uzubell, "We are exceptionally pleased to have been able to deliver such a well-received concept as this Champagne Room. However, we feel that our design ideas for this project are largley attributed to having spent so much time working with John at this club (please see other work we have done for Cheerleaders Philadelphia). We like to call the end-result of this effort "Design Ideas in Action." Seeing the various room configurations on a frequent basis, coupled with other club design work at this location, led to ultimate development of this room." The underlying success of this project, however, is the result of the systematic stripclub design process the owner of Cheerleaders Philadelphia has entrusted us to perform for him. A few before and after photos of "Gentlemen's Club Design Ideas in Action: A New Champagne Room" follow.

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"Rick Uzubell (CDG president) has helped transpose our club into a preeminent destination in the Philly market."

-Owner John Meehan
Cheerleaders Philadelphia

Champagne Room Entry Before
Champagne Room Entry After
Champagne Room After 1
Champagne Room Before 1
Champagne Room Before 2
Champagne Room After 2
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