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What's the Best Location for Draft Beer Towers in Bar Design?

Where should draft beer towers be located?

 This blog post discusses draft beer systems and bar design ideas about the ideal location of draft beer towers in commercial bar design. Discover why efficient ergonomic bar design recommends that draft beer towers be positioned on the front bar for maximum bar profits. 

Just as with the POS terminal, draft beer should be set-up along the front bar. In addition to the inherent efficiency of this

PHOTO OF BAR WITH BEER TOWER ON THE FRONT BAR approach, setting draft beer along the front bar frees-up greater liquor display and access, as seen in this photo. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand the value of this concept. Folks, draft beer towers along the front bar is a very common practice. Here’s some helpful insight:


  • Beer towers on the front bar are easy to accommodate, as they only require minor modifications to the bar top. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is having a drainboard below the tower. However, if you don't already own a long-draw draft beer system, there are costs and considerations which go significantly beyond the tower itself and this is discussed in one of our videos (refer below).

  • Beer towers located on the back bar is the least-practical approach of all. Consider the example shown here. As you canPHOTO OF BAR WITH LIQUOR DISPLAY ON BACK BAR see, this back bar has 2-tiered liquor displays and shelving above, in each of three locations. Placing a single draft beer tower on the back bar virtually impales the bartender’s ability to access about 25% of the premium liquor in this example! Back bars are intended to display your most expensive liquor, so you can maximize liquor sales; they’re part of the bar owner’s in-house marketing program. Placing draft beer towers along the back bar creates two problems: it blocks the bartender’s ability to reach lower-level premium liquor and diminishes the effectiveness of the liquor display. Let’s remember that mixed drinks generate up to twice the profit of draft beer, according to my good friend and industry expert, Chuck Deibel, from his column “Last Call” in the Ohio Beverage Monthly, as written in my blog post “What Are The Most Profitable Drinks?”

Placing draft beer towers on the front bar enables the bartender to maximize his/her efficiency by working from side-to-side. The idea that draft beer towers aren’t practical along the front bar is just a myth – it’s done everywhere and for very good reason! For you neat-freaks out there, an alternate location for beer towers on the front bar is to mount them directly to the drainboard below, as shown in this photos. This method will keep the bar top unobstructed.

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