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Chill-Rite 32 Beer Systems: Ice-Cold Beer for Nightclubs and Bars

Here at Design Buzz, our mission is to make nightclub and bar owners aware of today’s products so they can considerimplementing these products. We especially like to talk about the products with which we have had a positive experience.

Today we're going to switch gears and talk about a (ahem) “cool” product –the Chill-Rite 32 Draft Beer System. If you're unaware of this equipment, Chill-Rite 32 is a remote draft beer system which delivers a continuous stream of draft beer at 32 degrees at the tap! That’s freezing – and that’s the whole idea. I can hardly think of a beer lover who doesn’t love ice-cold beer. Bar and nightclub owners should love it too, as it can increase their draft beer profits by more than 30%!

Who Is Chill-Rite 32 BEER SYSTEMS and What’s Their Story?

Located inSlidell,LA, Chill-Rite Manufacturing is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in long draw beer dispensing systems. They build full systems that are engineered to be the finest quality and most service-and-user-friendly in the industry. Started as a refrigeration service company in 1968 that developed a niche servicing refrigeration decks on fountain machines, Chill-Rite evolved as a remanufacturing and redistribution facility for fountain equipment and soda systems.

In 1991,Chill-Rite (@chillrite32) designed and patented 'The 32 Draft Beer System.' Utilizing the principles of refrigeration, this glycol chiller revolutionized the draught/draft beer dispensing industry. Chill-Rite (CR) introduced the concept of dispensing draft beer at 32 degrees and theirkey development(which set them apart from the competition) is that they developed a method of chilling the beerindependentof the walk-in cooler temperature. In the course of just a few years the entire draft industry started to move towards the idea of “the colder the better.”

Why Chill-Rite 32 Systems Increase Profits for Bar and Nightclub Owners

What is the Chill-Rite difference? The difference is that their systems dispense the keg beer at 32 degrees regardless of the kegNight Trips OKC with Chill Rite System temperature in the walk-in cooler.  Simply stated, the kegs may be 40, 50 or 60+ degrees inside the walk-in cooler[1]and despite this the CR beer system will maintain a line temperature of 32 degrees. Controlling the temperature means that the draft beer will not pour any excess foam. In other words, the operator will get virtually every drop of beer from the keg because it pours virtually NO WASTE! Competitor’s systems are designed to only maintain the walk-in keg temperature. Those systems do not reduce the temperature, i.e., if the walk-in is 50 degrees then those systems will dispense 50-52 degree beer at the taps. CR’s competitors insist that the keg cooler will hold 35 degrees at all times. Thus, other beer systems pour warm, foamy beer, and warm beer causes 25% - 50% of the keg to go straight down the drain (in the form of foam/waste) – and lost profits. Thus, the owner of a CR beer system will dramatically increase his / her profits. According to Greg Elliott (@chillritegreg), national sales manager at Chill-Rite 32, the average yield of standard draft beer systems is 70-75%. Over a recent four-year study by Ovations Food Services (@OvationsFS), the yield of 50 Chill-Rite 32 systems installed at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium is 98.5%.

The Chill-Rite guarantee: the beer will pour at 32 degrees or it’s FREE!

Chill-Rite 32 Offers Other Innovative Bar Products

In recent years Chill-Rite recognized the opportunity to introduce other products. Chill-Rite introduced five additional products to offer bar and nightclub owners a unique and profitable means to present and dispense alcoholic beverages. For instance, their ‘Shock-A-Vodka’ system, which dispenses liquor at 5 degrees, making for a popular and thick presentation, Their ‘Frost Rail’ system (depicted in the above photo, along with a Chill-Rite 32 Draft Beer System), which is recessed into the bar top, enables patrons to rest their drinks on a crisp, dry layer of frost on the bar top. You can see all of Chill-Rite’s products on the company's website, ChillRite32.com. 

The Top 5 Benefits for Bars and Nightclubs of Selling Ice-Cold Beer

  1. Beer consumers will continually patronize establishments that offer super-cold beer.
  2. Cold beer reduces waste therefore increases profits.
  3. The ice effect of CR’s products draws patrons to the bar to try 32° beer & 5° liquor.
  4. Bar owners who market their cold beer leads to dramatic increase in customer base.
  5. CR’s research has found that patrons never think the beer is too cold.

The photo at top, right, features a Chill-Rite 32 Millenium beer system with one of our custom glass backlit LED bars. Also featured are frozen 'Yeti' beer towers and a Chill-Rite 8" frost rail. Why don't you have us design a system just like this for you!

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1). Due to the in/out traffic of coolers, the cooler’s age, use and misuse, the keg cooler rarely holds 35 degrees

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